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[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]intuittex is a provider of wallcovering, upholstery, drapery, bedding, artwork and interior branded graphics for hotels, restaurants, casinos, cruise ships, retail, and interior design professionals. Our clients include Hilton, Hyatt, Sonos, Marriott, Bacara Resort, Starwood, Gensler, and many architects and designers. Our expertise is based on more than 30 years of experience working on opportunities with a strategic approach to problem solving. Wether it’s a unique design solution you require, strategic sourcing, performance related purchasing, or a tight timeline or budget, intuittex has done it and can guide you through the process. 

Our experience with the cutting edge digital technology unlocks the key to designing successful branded spaces that come alive with graphics, artwork, color, and drama. Our graphics team can design a custom image to accommodate any surface. Our experience working with the major brands in hotels and retailers gives us the expertise to create unique images and guide you through strategic placement of those images. A wall can restate your brand, a glass surface can reflect a mood, a ceiling can be an easel. Architectural surfaces can be visual inspiration. The key to succeeding in embellishing architectural surfaces is testing those surfaces to meet the codes required by municipalities and specifications. intuittex knows these these codes and can provide beautiful graphics that meet and exceed local code requirements.

intuittex is a team of experts in our field, resolving your problems with smart budget minded and beautiful solutions. 

intuittex: intuitive textiles and surfaces
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about our founder

Ann Margaret Kline is an architect with over 20 years experience in the product design realm.

Ms. Kline’s 360 degree view of interior product design comes from a broad based career which includes Herman Miller, Designtex, Textile Mills, developing a US utility patent for sustainable yarn, and over 10 years working with digital printing technologies on architectural surfaces. 

Her philosophy is to use a multi-faceted approach: leading edge technology, strategic material sourcing and technical expertise, thus yielding the most innovative solutions possible.

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about our graphics partner

Los Angeles based Bubble Wrap Studios specializes in creative and innovative digital surface design.  Lead graphic designer, Kate Pitner, works closely with clients to methodically see a design project through from concept to final print quality and production ready artwork.

Ms. Pitner has worked over 15 years as a graphic artist and surface designer, with expert knowledge of Adobe Creative applications, as well as pre-press requirements and Pantone color matching.  Working with some of the largest design firms in the nation and creating art for clients ranging from large hotel and restaurant chains to small boutique locales, Bubble Wrap Studios brings to life your graphic design vision while meeting your deadlines.  Whether the job involves the creation of custom one of a kind artwork to meet a particular design need, or entails working with a client to adapt a project’s artwork to fit a specific end use or layout for a unique environment, the ultimate goal for every job Bubble Wrap Studios takes on is to make the client happy.

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Andrea Ramos:  Sales Representative Mexico City

The constant interaction with residential contract and hospitality markets as a textile designer and later on, as interior designer, takes me to love the way materials and specifications come to make a perfect match.

Building a 27 year career in several fabric mills such as Quaker Fabrics, Pliana Inc, Aunde, and others, the creation of a suitable and fitted product for our customers, has been my everyday commitment.

Working on the latest development for the automotive and hospitality fabrics. It is always an adventure to find the right color, finishing, and cost.

El constante contacto con los mercados residencial, de hospitalidad, tales como hoteles y restaurantes, así como el mercado de contract como Diseñadora Textil y más tarde como Diseñadora de Interiores y Exteriores, me lleva a amar como los materiales y las especificaciones llegan a encontrarse en una armonía perfecta.

Con 27 años de carrera en varias fábricas de textiles tales como Quaker Fabrics, Pliana Inc, Aunde, y otras, la creación del producto adecuado y confeccionado para cada uno de nuestros clientes, ha sido mi compromiso diario.

Trabajando en el último desarrollo para la industria automotriz y de hospitalidad. Es siempre una aventura encontrar el correcto color, acabado y costo.

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